Mindful Outdoor Experiences

Join me for a meditative walk through the woods designed to facilitate a deep connection with nature. In our modern world we often feel disconnected and many of us are longing to venture outside to reconnect to our true self through a connection with the great outdoors.

Participants will be guided through practices and activities by Beth Reel, a Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership trained guide, designed to bring you into the present moment and help you connect with the beauty and messages from Mother Earth. No experience necessary!

Part forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku), part meditation, and part hiking, the health benefits of spending time with the living earth are well documented and include lower stress and cortisol (stress hormone) levels, improved mood, and a greater sense of connection. If you are feeling called by the trees, plants, stones, wildlife, or any part of nature, then this experience is for you!

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** These are physically distanced Mindful Outdoor Experiences. Currently restricted to 10 or less. Masks are required.


Roots + Wings Women's Circle

Women have been gathering in circles (perhaps for over 30,000 years) to listen, share, support, and connect with one another. Once a typical part of a tribe or community, women connecting in this way decreased significantly as more and more women began to work outside of the home and take on additional responsibilities. In more recent years, we are beginning to see a revival of the women’s circle as we are missing this deep, healing connection with others. With fewer opportunities to gather, these circles are more important that ever - even virtually.


Join us once a month as we bring back this sacred tradition. Facilitator, Beth Reel, will lead and support the group and create a sacred place for women to connect with a community of like-minded women. The Sacred Circle is a non-judgmental, safe space to share our ups and downs, smooth and rocky points, and what grounds us (roots) and what helps us soar (wings) as we journey on this path of life. We each carry deep wisdom, and women in the circle are encouraged to share, listen, and to speak their truth from the heart.

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The Mountains are Calling, I must go....
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