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Find Your Path through Forest Bathing and Mindful Outdoor Experiences

Slow down…breathe deep…take in the natural world around you…


Find your calm and peace with the research-based practice of forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku as it is known in Japan. During these sessions, you will be guided as you slow down and use all your senses to connect with the natural world. Cultivate a deep connection with nature and reconnect to your heart and true self. This practice has many health benefits including the reduction of stress hormones, reduced blood pressure and heart rate, and an increase in cognitive functioning, creativity, feelings of relaxation, and overall happiness.


Please watch these short videos on forest bathing:

If you are feeling called by the trees, plants, stones, water, wildlife, or any part of nature, then this experience is for you!

To find a forest bathing session visit our events page here.

Find the Gear List here.

More on Forest Bathing science and research here and here.

Forest Path
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