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Mindful Eating Program


A Journey into Mindful Eating is taught in a six-, eight-, or ten-week series of individual coaching sessions. Participants will gain awareness of their eating behaviors and their relationship with food. The curriculum is based upon the Mindful Eating-Conscious Living™ program developed and taught by Jan Chozen Bays, MD, and Char Wilkins, MSW.

In this program, participants will learn...

...How simple meditation practices can bring awareness to mindful and mindless eating

...How the multi-billion dollar food and diet industries keep us in a cycle of mindless eating and dieting

...How to take the steps to freedom from stress around food and diet culture

...How to use research and science to help understand challenges 

...What drives eating (hint- there are many things!) and how to work with challenges including emotional eating


This program is currently being taught through individual coaching sessions. Contact me for more information, for a free 30-minute Zoom meeting, or to schedule an information session for your group. 

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